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With Hung Hing’s diverse machinery and finishing capabilities, we can print and produce high-end cards and social stationery items from diaries and gift sets through to gift bags and greetings cards.

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Children's Books

Hung Hing is working with many of the leading children's publishers in the world, we produce some of the best selling titles with complex and innovative designs. All children books will go through stringent testing and are produced according to major toy safety standards such as EN71, ADTMF963 etc.

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Conventional Books

Hung Hing produces high quality conventional books for all major markets. Books with titles covering fine arts, reference, educational, sport & leisure etc., either with standard binding or fancy case bound. We also have the capability to manufacture books in a variety of formats such as min-books, large formats and books incorporating added components or creative finishing techniques.

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Litholam Packaging

Hung Hing manufactures luxury packaging for many of the world's renowned brands. From special coverings to rigid boxes with intricate openings and fastening devices, turning an ordinary box into a self-selling packaging for major mass merchants across the world.

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Novelty Items

Hung Hing produces best selling titles with intricate and innovative designs. Many of these novelty items include elements such as pop-ups, paper mechanisms, pull tabs, novelty additions or reactive inks.

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HH Deluxe Packaging

Hung Hing manufactures luxury packaging for many of the worlds' exclusive brands, from chocolate boxes to cosmetics, fine bone china to spirits; turning an ordinary box into luxuries statement. In addition to luxury and gift packaging, we also have the capability to produce high quality printed corrugate cartons, flat packs, POS and POP.

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BelugaBloo is the technology division of Hung Hing dedicated to helping children’s book publishers and alike to explore the possibilities and take advantage of the new digital medium. Our team operates the multi-platform BelugaBloo digital store and specialize in the production, marketing and distribution of interactive ebooks, education applications, and games for children that run on popular tablets and devices.

More for information please visit our website: www.belugabloo.com

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Please note that the design and production of all product samples shown in this website are property of our customers. They are displayed here for reference only.



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